zondag 17 oktober 2010

28 days later review

just watched this movie here is the review: it starts with a laboratory with infected chimps they are infected with a virus that causes extreme anger and zombie things there are 3 activists that want to free the monkeys they succeed to free one and it attacks one of them then that person got scratched and in 10 to 20 seconds he was infected too and started attacking screen goes black and you see a hospital room with a man named jim he is pretty much the only survivor he remembers few when he wakes up in his bed then he starts exploring and finds out he is allone he searches a church and finds infected he gets chased then saved by survivors he joins them and wants to go to his parents house once there he finds his parents dead they decide to stay there for the night but get attacked one of them dies and after a few hours searching they see lights from a appartment they start to go there but get chased by infected and then saved by a man with a police squad outfit he kills the infected goes to the appartment and they talk the man named frank has a daughter named hannah they stay there the night and the man finds out there are survivors 28 miles north at a roadblock they go with a car find a supermarket and plunder it they go on attacked a few times find the roadblock and find no survivors they explore frank gets infected from a bloodrip in his eye he turns into infected and then they get saved by a few soldiers the survivors they go to there house a big villa transformed to a militairy base hannah is still in shock from seeing her father die at dinner they get attacked after that jim has a conversation with the major "major as in major in the army" he tells him that he told his man to have sex with any woman they see so they are going to rape hannah and the other woman named selena jim wants to safe them but gets knocked out he gets one more chance to join them or else he will be locked up in the basement and then be executed he refuses finds a man in the basement that also wanted to help the girls together they are brought to the forest with 2 soldiers that are going to execute them they kill the sergeant but then start to argue about the way of killing jim runs away and the soldiers return all the soldiers try to rape the womans but on that moment the airalarm sounds and the soldiers go there jim murders them and goes back to the villa followed by a few infected the infected kill the soldiers and the 3 of them are united in peace again they want to go but in their car they find the major again he shoots jim the infected kill the major they go away and then live in the hills of cumbria they make a sign for any airplanes to see and then get saved 

the movie was quite strange you do not get allot of information the effects were good and the plot was ok i liked the betrayal of the on the first sight nice soldiers and the great acting it was worth to watch it i give it a 7

zondag 3 oktober 2010

1408 review

yesterday i watched this movie. its about this guy named Mike Enslin he goes to haunted hotels and writes about it how creepy it is he has a wife named Lily and he had a daughter who died the movie is about room 1408 inside dolphin everyone who goes into that room dies within an hour Mike goes there but gets stopped by the hotel manager Gerald Olin he doesnt wants him to go into that room but Mike still goes once in there everything seems normal till the radio goes on it starts with small things like that but it gets creepier really fast the door locks itself and Mike is locked in... it was a pretty good movie except for a few stupid effects i recommend it for every horror freak i give a 7/10

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010


i am planning to make reviews of anything ideas leave a comment